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Update: Sea of Thieves problems stopping Game Pass subscribers from accessing the game have been resolved as of five:30 pm PT. Sea of Thieves sets you upon the high seas as a pirate, cost-free to loot and plunder as you please. But any pirate is only as good as his or her crew, and the game is designed to be played in crews of two or four, coordinating to find treasure, survive fights, and sail your ship. Sea of Thieves runs admirably on my GTX 980, looking beautiful at max settings even though keeping above 60 fps on my 2560x1080 ultrawide display. But although framerate is a non-issue, every little thing else is. Aside from that, it was undoubtedly a single of my greatest gaming experiences. Although I wasn't into Puzzling THAT a lot by myself, I genuinely enjoyed the depth they offered. There was SO a lot you could do aside from Puzzling, such as economics (seriously, this game has a single How to Download sea of thieves of the ideal in game economic systems I have ever noticed), politics or declaring War on every person and hunting down the ships of enemies till your flag gets an infamous reputation on the sea. It is an adventure that will grow and evolve more than time, with new content arriving frequently to make sure a fresh, exciting expertise anytime - and wherever - you pick How to Download sea of thieves to set sail. With mounting praise from fans and critics alike, Sea of Thieves is set to be the next unforgettable adventure for players on Xbox One particular and Windows 10 Computer, with enhanced characteristics on Xbox 1 X. NEW Limited-Time Campaign: The Hungering Deep. In this limited-time campaign, follow a trail of riddles and rumors to locate and defeat a deadly new foe that hungers in the deep. Along the way, use new characteristics to communicate with other crews, including sea of thieves pc download a speaking trumpet to throw your voice and a flag system to let you signal your intentions. Share a shanty with the drum instrument, or inform your personal tale by selecting your tattoos and scars. In associated news, in addition to the typical bounties offered, there are also some uncommon things to be identified in Sea of Thieves. In addition how to download sea of thieves to buried treasure, there are also Captain's Chests that are hidden away in the nooks and crannies of various islands. There are also rare animals, such as the red speckled chicken , which can be turned in for a generous reward. At its best Sea Of Thieves delivers some extraordinary moments. A single quest I played went awry - two buddies and I had been looting an island beneath the dead of night, when yet another crew of players turned up. They decimated us, utilizing the darkness to take us by surprise. After How to Download sea of thieves we respawned, although, we changed tack. Dousing all of the lights on our ship we sneakily sailed up behind them and climb aboard, employing their own ambush techniques against them to take the loot they plundered off us ahead of making use of a gunpowder barrel to sink their sloop to the depths. We recognize what Uncommon attempted to do. Nonetheless, what the game currently offers is just not sufficient to warrant a $60 price tag tag, unless you completely love grindy games and never mind being here for the early launch and can appreciate the game for what it is. Uncommon has promised to provide new key content patches in the course How to Download sea of thieves of the first 3 months following the game's launch and they also stated they're listening to players feedback closely and will comply with up with tweaks and balance patches as properly. They also did confirm paid micro-transactions, such as companion pets that can comply with you like parrots or monkeys. The cool issue, although, is that players who did not spend funds on these pets can nonetheless grab them and interact with them. Keep connected to the Xbox Live community, view achievements, watch game clips, and far more. If you are ever outmatched and getting chased by other pirates - it doesn't often have to end with them blasting you out of the water and taking your treasure. The game matchmakes you into crews. Swimming up to someones boat and expecting them to be friendly is a ridiculous expectation to have. There are totally How to Download sea of thieves no mechanics that would enable that to function as a gameplay selection. You may possibly as nicely get angry that men and women shoot you in PUBG. The initial challenge is mastering the ship. Sailing is deliberately analogue. 1 person steers, one navigates, a person mans the sails or loads the cannons. As soon as in a whilst, you will spot a sail on the horizon and know that a battle with a group of strangers is most likely. These are intense encounters, cannonballs flying, crew members sneaking aboard each other's vessels to cut down foes with swords or pistols, treasure chests being Sea of Thevies PC Download spirited away, hulls bursting open and taking on water (which you can then drain by the bucketload). At times there are bigger events: the tentacles of the Kraken erupt from the foaming seas, or a skeleton fort opens up, its treasure room loaded with booty. To face sea of thieves pc controls might want far more than a single boat, so uneasy alliances kind. The possible for moments of wonderful bravery - and of outright hilarity - is ever-present. And even though the islands of Sea of Thieves are crisp and charming—who can render palm trees that look voluminous and somehow cute far better than Uncommon?—the identical matte rocks, bushes, and debris are repeated everywhere in various how to download sea of thieves arrangements. On any island I expect to discover what I've discovered on each and every other island. Some chickens. Possibly a chest. A few skeletons.


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Design a Room & try it before you buy it!

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Important notice: Olioboard will be shutting down.

In 2010 we launched Olioboard in the hopes of giving people from all corners of the world the opportunity to create, share and shop room inspiration boards. We financed this new venture with the money we made from our web design business and took the plunge. It was exciting and terrifying all at once.

What started as a simple online interior design platform morphed into not only a collection of 100,000’s of inspiring design boards, but also into an amazing and talented design community who shared their creations, competed in design challenges and encouraged and supported each other.

This social sharing environment focused around interior design was precisely what made Olioboard unique; but ultimately this model proved to make it difficult to scale the business quickly enough to be fully self sustaining.

Due to this we had to make the difficult decision to close down Olioboard. While it's sad to say goodbye, we're proud of what Olioboard was able to achieve and of the solid community that supported our efforts from the very beginning.

If there’s one thing you learn when running a business it’s that when things don’t necessarily turn out the way you want, you never give up. You simply take time to rethink your options and pivot until you find a direction that does work.

Thanks to Olioboard we found that new direction.

Heading towards a brighter future

By this time you have likely heard of, or seen the ads on Olioboard for our new professional design platform called DesignFiles.

Over the last year DesignFiles has been extremely well received in the design community and has quickly become one of the fastest growing online interior design platforms on the market. To date, DesignFiles provides thousands of designers, decorators and stagers with powerful interior design tools to streamline their workflow and captivate their clients.

I’m happy to say we’ve built in all the best parts of Olioboard, newly enhanced and with the latest technology.

If you are curious about how DesignFiles works, you can watch it in action here.

If you want to see what other designers are saying, here are the ratings and reviews.

Professional interior designers, decorators and stagers

I would highly recommend signing up for a free account to test it out. I know that switching to a new platform can be daunting but I guarantee you will love the new enhancements and features.

To make your transition an easy one we are happy to provide the following:

DesignFiles free trials + one-one demos: Get everything that Olioboard had to offer plus a number of new features that will cut hours out of your workflow.

Product library transfer: Any member who signs up for a paid account on DesignFiles will have their Olioboard product library transferred over to their new DesignFiles account.

63% off your first 3 months: If you decide you like what you see you can use promo code DF63 to get 63% off your first 3 months of the Professional Plan.

5 star customer service: Phone calls, live chat, emails and one-on-one demos. We’re here to make sure you have absolutely everything you need when you need it.

Try DesignFiles For Free No credit card required for trial.

Winding down Olioboard

We’re taking steps immediately to ensure a smooth wind-down of Olioboard and to ensure that everyone has enough time to save their content or transition to DesignFiles. You’ll have until Dec 10th to download any images of your Olioboards for safe keeping.

On November 15th we’ll be disabling account creation on Olioboard.

On December 10th, we will officially shut down Olioboard and say a final goodbye to the members who helped make this dream a reality. It’s been an amazing ride.

With deep appreciation -- thank you!

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my deepest thanks to the Olioboard team both past and present, whose creativity, innovative thinking and dedication helped us build an online platform for 100,000’s of people from all from around the world to experiment and express their creativity through design.

And of course to all our members: the ones who have been with us since the beginning, and the newly joined; the design enthusiasts and the design professionals, our biggest supporters and those who pushed us to excel further; and to all the friends we made along the way.

Thank you all.

Sheilah & the Olioboard team

If you have any questions or concerns about these details, please don’t hesitate to email me at