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The Myth And Reality Of Lab Diamonds Real lab-grown diamonds have constantly given the chance of producing the beauty of authentic, real diamond cheap to jewelry fans around the world. Unfortunately there's still a large gap between typical media articles and the truth of what diamond growing labs can actually increase as of November 2009.This report is thus made to educate diamond buyers who are considering buying a genuine, laboratory grown diamond to ensure your expectations are reasonable and know what is and is not accessible (and why). In addition, this guide may help prevent you from being taken by unethical CZ sellers who advertise their merchandise as'lab grown gemstone' or'manmade diamond' if their product is really deceptively advertised CZ.Since our final article in 2007, there's been minimal improvement on bigger, lab increased white diamonds, although not for lack of work from scientists. Purchasing a 2ct, real stone grade, lab grown white diamond is presently about as likely as you encountering a unicorn. . There are only two labs that have openly noted that they are working on growing white lab diamonds for the consumer market right now. While one lab has had a few as big as 1ct, these were infrequent occurrences rather than readily reproducible to date. Even after decades of effort and research, the normal diamond produced is significantly less than.50ct, and frequently the colour is under the normal gem grade white mined diamond. The few which are available normally sell for the identical price as or higher than a comparable natural mined white diamond and wait periods for larger sizes (.75ct and higher) can exceed one year with no guarantee of if or when you will be able to buy. Thus the fact remains that there is no diamond seller able to offer laboratory created white diamonds on a consistent, readily available foundation and in sizes across 1ct (at November 2009).Due to this disparity between demand and supply for actual lab grown white diamonds, then there are still a number of CZ sellers who operate advertisements, likely even showing alongside this article, proclaiming'Flawless Man Created Diamonds','Perfect Lab Created Diamonds' or similar false claims. All these are unethical sellers peddling ordinary CZ under bait and switch marketing strategies. Their product is not genuine lab grown diamond (carbon), but instead CZ (cubic zirconium), a broadly available simulated pearl material that mimics the appearance of white diamond, but isn't genuine pearl. Plain CZ was readily available since the 1980s and is not anything new into the jewellery industry. The single twist is how many vendors have succeeded in taking advantage of the consumers understanding gap between societal posts over-proclaiming the availability of genuine lab grown diamonds, as well as the constraints of what truly is available in actual lab generated white gemstone.Larger, 1ct and higher lab grown white diamonds will hopefully eventually come to fruition, but for now, the industry is still constrained by the extreme difficulty of developing white diamonds in dimensions desired to customers.Laboratory grown blue diamonds would be the one high point of the present lab diamond marketplace. Natural mined blue diamonds have been created when developed in the presence of boron, which accounts for their rare and distinctive blue colour. Mined blue diamonds revealing a rich, saturated blue color (Fancy Vivid Blue is the diamond expression ) of any reasonable size are extremely rare, and if available are nearly always sold via auction (Sotheby or even Christies) to ensure the vendor to get maximum value for that which will probably be a once in a lifetime sale. As a result, natural vivid blue diamonds could control prices from $565,000 per carat to as large as $1.3 Million dollars per day. A vibrant blue diamond in the auction is a press event, and also frequently covered as such by the media as a result of rarity, beauty and eye popping prices exhibited by mined blue diamonds.The products news for gemstone fans not on the Forbes 500 wealthiest record, is that as of 2 months before, real lab increased blue diamonds are going into the market in dimensions from.50ct to as large as 1.00ct.. Supply is still quite tight, with an average of 5-10 Vivid Blues per month becoming accessible, however it's the first time such an alternative has even been available on a constant basis. Much like mined blue diamonds, the lab created blue diamonds are increased in the presence of boron in states identical to what happens under the earth (high pressure and higher temperature) and they are the substance, optical, and physical equal - the only difference is where they had been created. Not inexpensive, but an incredible bargain compared to the pricing of this mined equal. One point of mentioning pricing is to demonstrate the comparison between actual laboratory grown diamond, along with the CZ's being marketed as'laboratory increased diamond' for about $150/ct. $150/ct would not cover the costs of cutting the material, and consequently by pricing alone you can readily discern which vendors are selling real lab created diamonds versus engaging in bait and switch advertising.In terms of diamond beauty, while the chemical composition of the laboratory and mined blue diamond are indistinguishable (carbon and boron), laboratory grown blue diamonds easily outshine their natural mined counterparts. The reason is the cutting edge standards employed. Cut of a diamonds brilliance, and therefore diamond beauty. Most natural blue diamonds are poorly cut to be able to maintain the blue coloration as wealthy as you can, and also for the easy fact that clipping for optimal beauty (light handling) could result in a significantly smaller completed carat weight.When you are dealing with material that is that unbelievably rare and expensive (again, as high as $1.3 Million per day and regarded as among the most valuable materials in the world), the concentration will be on preserving as much completed weight as you can. Thus cutting for optimum attractiveness gives way to cutting for maximum size. From a pure diamond cutting perspective, some natural blue diamonds probably rank among some of the most cut diamonds readily available, showing large windows in which light passes through instead of being reflected back due to the focus on optimizing the finished size (steeper angles produce better lighting tackling, but also mean less completed size).By comparison, the lower cost of lab grown blue diamonds means that they can be trimmed with a focus on diamond beauty and not only size. As an instance, one laboratory blue diamond recently sold was a.63ct laboratory increased Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond that was independently rated as an perfect cut around. . .something that to our knowledge has never been seen in a normal blue diamond. Laboratory increased blue diamondscut to exceptional standards, are thus finally able to uncover the true beauty of blue diamond and in that respect have surpassed their counterparts that are bottled.It is necessary to note that the laboratory grown blue diamonds will be equivalent to natural blue diamonds in every regard, including the home of being electrically conductive, something just real blue diamonds consumed. This unique property is a consequence of boron being a part of the diamond, allowing it to run electricity and can also be accountable for its wealthy blue coloration.The addition of boron is a key thing to note when purchasing, as most'blue diamonds' being advertised (assuming they are real diamond rather than colored CZ) are organic white diamonds turned blue by radiation. Irradiated (also termed treated or enhanced) blue diamonds don't have boron in them and consequently are not electrically conductive, which makes identification rather trivial even though they are real diamond. Irradiated blue diamonds also do not demonstrate the rich deep blue coloration of boron blues - instead they're a unique greenish-blue - pretty in their own right, however are not the identical colour as actual blue diamonds (laboratory grown or natural) and are easily identifiable as treated rather than boron blue diamonds.Lab grown blue diamonds are thus the latest highlight of the current manmade diamond marketplace. This is one place where restricted but current, actual availability in dimensions appropriate to make an engagement ring (over.50ct), along with outstanding cutting never before observed in blue diamond is possibly producing a few of the most beautiful diamonds which can be found on the planet.Pink diamonds: Lab developed pink diamonds are still an area which presents disappointing news. There's now how to calculate the cost of diamond free of new pink diamonds, and those customers who were able to purchase one of the hardly any pink diamonds within.50ct previously ought to be quite glad they purchased when they did. The only laboratory that generated pinks has ceased manufacturing, and no other laboratory has stepped . Therefore, the only top color pinks accessible are the remainders of previous generation, which are nearly all below.25ct in dimension.The reason for this isn't lack of demand, as laboratory increased pink diamonds around.50ct were in extremely large demand, with wait times measured in weeks for the choice to purchase. Rather, it is the issue of producing the desired pure pink or purplish pink color. Fundamentally, in the carbon lattice, you have to re create a nitrogen atom and a difference in the carbon lattice to sit alongside each other. Doing so is anything but consistent, and the outcome is the majority of the lab increased pinks come out off crimson or possess gaps within the bead coloration where parts are yellowish or transparent, and parts are pink (color zoning). . .thus just a small fraction of production is the genuinely prized, even and rich pink color, along with the bead grower is left far more unsellable'off- pinks' than finished and sellable rich pink diamonds.With the inability to fix this mystery, there is simply no new source of lab developed pink diamonds readily available, and likely won't be for some time. Laboratory developed pink diamonds within.50ct thus ironically begin to approach the charm of their organic mined pink bead brethren. The only distant hope is that finally CVD grown diamonds will create laboratory pink diamonds available . The main reason is that CVD grown diamonds (diamonds grown in negative pressure and also gasoline , mimicking conditions found in outer space) naturally incorporate these nitrogen vacancy centers. This makes them excellent candidates for pink diamonds for jewelry use, and also for processors for quantum computing, which requires all these exact same nitrogen vacancies in diamond.However, growing diamonds to larger sizes and also to stone quality in the CVD process has its own set of challenges, and so the end result is new laboratory increased pink diamonds have been brought to market as of November 2009.For those few consumers who did manage to buy a laboratory grown pink diamond over.50ct if they were accessible, you need to appreciate that you have among the rarest kinds of diamond around. Make sure you have your ring inspected annually to make sure you do not accidentally lose the pink diamond due to loose prongs, as there's no capability to substitute it currently.Literary diamonds: Laboratory grown yellowish diamonds would be the very first type of laboratory grown diamond readily available to customers (around 2002) and their birth is exactly what sparked most of the media policy on diamonds. In general, five labs ended producing yellow diamonds for sale to the jewellery marketplace.But since then, only two remain as others have ceased yellowish pearl production. The rationale? Very similar to pinks, making the pure yellow that customers expect proved to be somewhat tricky. Most lab grown yellow diamonds are in fact either orange-yellow or brownish yellow. Achieving a pure, energetic'canary' yellowish was a charm.As a result, the majority of the labs production ended up being orangy-yellow goods that sat stockpiled at anglers who were unable to sell these diamonds to consumers who anticipated pure yellow diamonds. With minimal need for what they could consistently produce, and no simple means to increase the yellow consumers desired, the result was that the leaving of the majority of the producers from the company of producing lab yellow diamonds.Just one laboratory was able to figure out the way to consistently produce the pure, rich yellowish most consumers desire (termed Fancy Vivid Yellow) and also their production is merely a few stones a month. Therefore that the supply is a limiting factor for its best of this lab grown yellow diamonds. The great thing is that some of them have been developed to sizes coming to the 2ct selection, the biggest of the laboratory grown diamonds out there. Our company sold a 2.08ct lab grown vivid yellowish a year ago, setting that which we think was the record for the most significant lab grown, pure vibrant yellowish publicly sold.Summary: Hopefully this report brings you up to speed on what is and isn't accessible real artificial diamonds of November, 2009 and also allow you to consider whether buying a lab grown diamond is of interest, based on what is and is not available. Such knowledge will certainly help you prevent what's become a common consumer error of believing the numerous deceptive ads run by vendors promoting their CZ's as laboratory grown diamonds.Looking ahead, there is a chance that white laboratory grown diamonds in very smallish dimensions (.10ct,.15ct) could be available in the next year on a consistent basis because of a technological improvement in how to grow several stones in 1 cycle. But, that's a work in progress for the time being.Growing larger white diamonds (over 1.00ct and in the colorless grade that consumers want) on a constant and profitable basis remains a substantial challenge and a problem that unfortunately no one has triumphed resolving thus far.Laboratory developed pink diamonds are no longer available beyond what's made from previous generation as a result of inherent inability to create the desired pink colour on a constant basis. CVD-grown diamonds are most likely the only hope of visiting lab grown pink diamonds becoming available again later on, due to having the necessary Nitrogen and vacancy centers obviously included during expansion.The most exciting improvement for 2009 is the recent, consistent access to laboratory grown, colorful blue pearl in dimensions suitable for diamond engagement rings (i.e..50ct and greater ) and all these are perhaps the first lab diamonds to truly exceed, as opposed to simply match, their counterparts that are mined in attractiveness due to the higher cutting standards used. <img src="" />


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